Havana Carolina Cafe and Bakery - Appetizers/Sandwiches
Company Name - Authentic Cuban Cuisine
Thinly sliced plantains cooked until crisp, served with garlic mojo dipping sauce.  $3.99  
Tamale/Tamalen Hoja
Corn meal laced with seasoned roast pork then wrapped in a corn husk.  Served with a Cuban pressed bread.  $6.75 
Fried Yuca/ Yuca Frita
Crisp cassava fingers served with mojo dipping sauce.  $4.99 
Boiled Yuca/Yuca Herbida
Boiled Cassava/Yuca served mojo sauce.  $3.00 
Cuban style croquettes filled with ham.  .75¢ each
Fried Stuffed Potato Ball/Papa Rellena
Perfect combination of mashed potatoes & Cuban beef hash. $1.50 each 
Beef or Chicken Turnover/Empanada de Carne o de  Pollo
Golden fried turnover filled Cuban style beef hash or chicken.   $1.25 each
Green Salad
Iceberg lettuce, topped with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, croutons and your choice of dressing  $5.99
Dressings:  Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Honey Dijon, Fat-Free Italian, Oil and Vinegar.           
Chefs’ Selection
Soup of the Day:  Scratch made in our kitchen.  Ask your server for details.   
         Cup $3.99       Bowl $4.99
All sandwiches are served with Fountain Drink or Tea
Cuban Sandwich/El Cubano
Roasted pork, ham, topped with melted Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on pressed Cuban bread.   $6.99  
Midnight Sandwich/Media Noche
Same as Cuban sandwich but served on sweet egg bread.  $6.99 
Steak Sandwich/Pan Con Bistek
Seared thinly sliced Top Round Steak with grilled onions, tomatoes and shoestring potatoes and served on pressed Cuban bread.  $7.99 
Cuban Burger/Frita Cubana
Ground Beef and Chorizo with grilled onions and shoestring potatoes on pressed Cuban hamburger bread $6.99

Roast Pork Sandwich/Pan Con Lechon
Pulled Roast Pork and grilled onions on Cuban pressed bread.   $6.99 
Havana Special
Cuban Sandwich plus Salami, Bologna & Tomato $ 7.99 
"Feluco” Special Cuban
Roast Pork, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, Mayo & Banana Peppers $6.99 
Carolina Club
Ham, Turkey, Swiss, Mayo & Tomatoes on pressed Cuban Bread  $7.99
Concord Club
Pork, Chicken, Swiss Cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and mustard $7.99

Italian Sandwich
Ham, Salami, Bologna, Swiss, Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Italian Dressing $7.99 
Turkey Sandwich
Turkey, Swiss, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo on pressed Cuban Bead  $6.99 
Chicken Sandwich
Shredded Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Onion on pressed Cuban Bread $6.99 
Garden Club
Garden Veggies, Tomatoes, Banana Peppers, Lettuce, Pickles, Onions, Swiss on Cuban Bread  $5.99
 Side Orders
Black Beans.  $2.25                       
White Rice.   $1.99
Congri/Black Beans & White Rice Cooked together. $2.99
Sweet Plantains/Maduros $2.50    
Green Plantains/Tostones $3.75
French Fries.  $1.99
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